Contract Address: 0x0c3ea5aac39101e5b3989b3f19181d8591b734d0

PLUTO Protocol is an efficient BEP-20 token designed with built in gas-less yield rewards, stable holding incentives through liquidity, and deflationary fuel burn targets to accelerate Pepe’s velocity.

3 key utilities to fuel pepe’s journey to pluto and find his true love

Auto-Yield Generation

5% of every transaction is redistributed to all Pluto holders instantly. New Pluto tokens will automatically appear in your wallet. Profit from passive farm generation.

Growing Liquidity Pool

5% of every transaction is sent to the Pancakeswap Pluto/BNB liquidity pool. 2.5% is sold by the contract as BNB and paired with 2.5% Pluto. This creates a strong price floor that pushes the price up and matures the ecosystem.

Fuel Burn

On our quest to get Pepe to Pluto, we’ll reward crewmates by scheduling burns when we hit milestone Planets. We have 7 targets to get Pepe to Pluto to find his true love.

Audits, Burns, and Locks

Dev Wallet Locked 90% vested over 1 year

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Proof of Burn
Security Audit
*buy/sell function coming soon*


(Post 5o% burn)

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Pepe will receive instructions from the space commander on how to reach next destination